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SDX® Education

Enhancing Clinical Expertise

Discover the essentials of advanced radiation therapy through SDX® Education. Our education platform provides clinicians with critical insights and practical skills in using the SDX® Respiratory Gating System. Access a curated selection of webinars, tutorials, and clinical studies designed to elevate your practice. With SDX® Education, learn how to optimize treatment precision and patient safety, all while staying at the forefront of technological advancements in radiation therapy.


Clinical Webinars


The SDX® System

Beneath The Surface, Motion Matters

Graphic representation of human lungs with a highlighted section showing blue and purple gears, symbolizing a mechanical or technological concept.

Why Choose SDX®

Instantly improve the accuracy, safety, and quality of imaging and radiation treatment
for tumors affected by respiratory motion.

Profile outline of a human head breathing into a medical device.

How SDX® Works

Uses spirometric breathing control to ensure reproducible target positioning during imaging and radiation treatment.

Blue icon of a medical device.

SDX® Equipment

Ergonomically designed with intuitive controls and patient-friendly visual feedback, the SDX® Respiratory Gating system is easy to implement in any clinic.

Icon of an open laptop displaying radiation therapy technology on the screen, depicted in a simple line art style with blue and purple gradient colors.

SDX® Interfacing Solutions

The SDX® system can readily be used in either manual or synchronized mode with optional Gating Modules for proton and linear accelerators.

Discover The SDX® System

SDX® Respiratory Gating system provides consistency and accuracy to ensure reproducible target positioning during imaging and treatment and maximize quality clinical outcomes for your patients.
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