Clinical Applications

For the SDX® Respiratory Gating System

Whether applying meticulous precision in proton therapy and SBRT or enhancing conventional radiotherapy and CT simulation, SDX® equips clinicians with a versatile tool to enhance patient outcomes. Discover the impact of integrating SDX® into your practice and how it raises the standard of care across diverse treatment modalities.

CT Simulation

The SDX® System revolutionizes CT simulation in radiation therapy by stabilizing respiratory motion and ensuring uniform lung volume, crucial for precise tumor and organ mapping. It integrates seamlessly into planning workflows, sharpening target visualization, reducing uncertainties, and improving beam alignment with tumors. By regulating breathing, SDX® fine-tunes tumor positioning for targeted radiation, enhancing treatment safety, efficacy, and customization to patient anatomy. Clinicians can thus craft optimized, patient-specific treatment plans, maximizing tumor dosage while protecting healthy tissues, and rely on the most accurate imaging for informed treatment decisions. SDX® elevates CT simulation, marrying patient comfort with clinical precision.

Conventional Radiotherapy

The SDX® System revolutionizes conventional radiotherapy by innovatively managing respiratory motion, greatly enhancing treatment accuracy. It aligns radiation delivery with patient breathing, focusing the beam precisely on tumors and sparing healthy tissues, crucial for lung and abdominal areas. With real-time monitoring and engagement tools, the SDX® System improves the treatment process, allowing for safer, more effective radiation doses. Its adaptability across various radiotherapy equipment enables seamless integration into current protocols, boosting the control over tumor dosage, reducing side effects, and elevating patient outcomes. Embracing the SDX® System, clinics can adopt a more patient-focused radiotherapy approach, meeting contemporary care standards. This application of the SDX® System demonstrates DYN’R’s dedication to enhancing cancer care with innovative technology.

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

The SDX® Respiratory Gating System significantly enhances Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) by providing unmatched precision in delivering high-dose radiation effectively and safely. By managing patient breathing, the SDX® System stabilizes tumor positioning, allowing for precise targeting and minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues. This accuracy is essential for SBRT’s success, focusing intense doses on tumors and protecting adjacent organs. The system’s adaptability to individual breathing patterns increases treatment comfort and efficacy, bolstering clinician confidence in minimizing side effects and optimizing outcomes. Incorporating the SDX® System into SBRT protocols marks a pivotal advancement in treating lung, liver, and pancreatic cancers, demonstrating its transformative impact on precision cancer care.

Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is highly sensitive to motion that would otherwise influence the Bragg Peak range. By ensuring the proton beam targets tumors reproducibly, SDX® minimizes exposure to nearby healthy tissues, vital for areas near critical structures. Its seamless integration into proton therapy workflows enables tailored treatment planning, with modulated breathing and stabilized treatment areas improving therapeutic outcomes and reducing side effects. The SDX® System enriches proton therapy by combining advanced radiation delivery with sophisticated respiratory gating, ensuring treatments are effective and life-quality preserving. This signifies a leap in cancer treatment evolution, emphasizing SDX®‘s role in advancing patient care globally.

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SDX® Benefits

For Patients, PHYSICIANS, Hospitals & Cancer treatment Centers

SDX® is the leading spirometric breathing control radiation therapy technology for centers worldwide. SDX Systems prioritize patient comfort, targeting accuracy, and ease-of-use, allowing for safer, quality treatment.

Accurately targeting mobile tumors during radiation therapy is critical for achieving dose objectives and preserving healthy tissue. SDX® enables safe and precise treatment of tumors subject to respiratory motion, sparing healthy tissue and vital organs at risk.

Precisely identifying, imaging, and treating tumors whose position is influenced by respiratory motion ensures nearby organs and healthy tissue are spared from potentially toxic dosages. SDX® is FDA-cleared and trusted by over 200 centers in 16 countries.

SDX’s® visual guidance technology is staff- and patient-friendly and increases patient confidence and DIBH technique mastery. This facilitates reproducible positioning of tumors during both imaging and subsequent treatment sessions.

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“SDX® is known as one of the best motion management systems for breath-hold during radiotherapy. After evaluating other commercial breath-hold systems, SDX® was chosen as one of the key motion management systems for proton therapy.”
Dr. Haibo Lin, Medical Physicist, New York Proton Center
“Given how seamless and easy the training is, and how friendly the interface is, patients have absolutely no issue learning how to use this technology. They are very comfortable throughout their entire therapy course.”
Dr. Arpit Chhabra, Radiation Oncologist, New York Proton Center

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SDX® Respiratory Gating system provides consistency and accuracy to ensure reproducible target positioning during imaging and treatment and maximize quality clinical outcomes for your patients.