Unparalleled Precision in Radiation Therapy

Why SDX® Stands Out

At DYN’R, we prioritize patient safety and treatment efficacy through our cutting-edge SDX® Respiratory Gating System. Designed to significantly enhance the accuracy of radiation delivery for tumors subject to respiratory motion, our system minimizes exposure of healthy tissues and maximizes impact on target areas. Trusted by specialists worldwide, SDX integrates seamlessly with existing radiation therapy protocols, offering a new standard of care. Discover how our innovative spirometric breathing control approach produces reproducible target positioning during imaging and radiation treatment.

Why Choose SDX®

The SDX® Advantage in Radiation Therapy

The SDX® System revolutionizes radiation therapy with its unparalleled ability to synchronize a patient’s breathing with radiation delivery, enhancing the precision and safety of treatments. By integrating real-time spirometric monitoring and clear visual biofeedback, SDX ensures the utmost stability of internal organs and the tumor treatment zone.

This innovative approach not only enables an increased dose directly to the tumor but also significantly reduces the risk of toxicity to surrounding vital organs. Ideal for managing thoracic and abdominal tumor motion, SDX® facilitates voluntary breath-hold techniques to:

  • Minimize tumor motion during imaging and treatment,
  • Enhance tumor imaging and visualization,
  • Narrow treatment margins for sparing normal tissue,
  • Allow for higher dosages with reduced organ toxicity,
  • Reposition vital organs safely away from high-dose regions.

Choosing SDX® means opting for a treatment that prioritizes patient safety, treatment effectiveness, and technological innovation in the fight against cancer.

The SDX system has received US FDA 510(k) clearances #K092479 and #K121845 with the following indications for use: SDX is intended for use in radiation therapy as an aid in allowing the patient and treatment staff to visualize a patient’s breathing process and to optimize breathing to limit internal motion during imaging & treatment. The SDX system including the automatic gating module is used to provide respiratory synchronization for radiation therapy imaging & treatment. The SDX system may be used for pediatric, adolescent and adult patients above the age of 5 years capable of understanding and following the radiotherapists’ instructions.

A 3D wireframe model of a patient using the SDX® System.
Graph displaying dose-volume for various organs in radiation therapy, comparing scenarios with and without SDX.

Dose-Volume Histogram (DVH)

In this treatment planning study by an SDX® user, the DVH illustrates a significant reduction in dose to healthy tissues using SDX in the treatment of a tumor located in the patient’s right lung. Using SDX, the target volume was reduced by ~20% as compared with the treatment plan calculated without using SDX (See Dosimetric Evaluation and Reproducibility of Breath-hold Plans in Intensity Modulated ProtonTherapy: An Initial Clinical Experience, Pouya Sabouri, PhD, et.al., Advances in Radiation Oncology (2024) 9, 101392, March 2024).

Click to enlarge DVH.

HOW SDX® Works

Initial training ensures patients are comfortable with Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) techniques, using the SDX® System to achieve consistent, comfortable breath holds and enhance treatment precision.

Treatment Planning

Post-training, patients undergo CT simulation using DIBH with the SDX® System for precise imaging, organ stability, and optimized treatment planning.


Using SDX® during treatment mirrors CT simulation, with patients controlling their breathing to optimize radiation delivery timing, monitored closely by clinicians.

Gating Modules

SDX® can be used with a Gating Module. Respiratory signals can be synchronized with imaging, treatment machines, gating the beam, or used manually.

Precision & Safety

Advanced spirometry and biofeedback maximize tumor targeting accuracy and minimize risks to vital organs, setting new standards in radiation therapy with SDX®.

Professional portable medical workstation cart for radiation therapy with devices attached, featuring a rolling base and adjustable arm.

SDX® Equipment

Transform Treatment with EAch Breath

The SDX® Module uses a high-precision spirometer to measure the air flow rate and volume during the respiratory cycle.

Designed for comfort, using the video glasses the patient is able to visualize the target inspiration zone during imaging and treatment sessions.

The SDX® Trolley is engineered for seamless portability and integration in clinical settings, supporting a streamlined treatment workflow.

Interaction with intuitive and user-friendly software through a touch-screen interface enables clinicians to monitor and control respiratory gated treatments with unparalleled safety and precision.

Enhances treatment precision by synchronizing radiation delivery with patient breathing, compatible with leading radiation therapy systems.


Ergonomically Designed for Compatibility

Two MRI machines and a radiation therapy unit in a modern hospital imaging room with blue lighting and adjacent medical equipment.

Universal Compatibility

The SDX® system’s design ensures seamless integration with a broad range of radiation therapy machines, including both conventional and advanced modalities, ensuring flexibility across treatment protocols.

Monitor displaying a brain scan for radiation therapy in a hospital setting with medical equipment in the foreground and a blurred healthcare professional in the background.

Advanced Imaging Interface

With SDX®, clinicians can achieve superior imaging quality during CT simulation and treatment planning, enhancing the precision of tumor targeting while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues.

A female doctor consulting with a female patient beside an MRI machine in a radiation therapy examination room.

Custom Treatment Solutions

The system’s adaptable interface supports a range of treatment techniques, from voluntary breath-hold to free breathing, allowing for personalized care plans that address the unique needs of each patient.

A radiation therapy professional in scrubs and a face shield reviews a chest x-ray on a computer screen in a dimly lit room.

SDX® Integration

Seamless Clinical IMPLEMENTATION

Implementing the SDX® Respiratory Gating System into your clinic’s workflow is a straightforward process, designed to ensure minimal disruption and maximum benefit. Our team supports you through every step, from initial consultation to training, installation, and beyond. The SDX® system is compatible with a wide range of radiation therapy equipment, making integration seamless. Training for clinicians and patients is simplified with our intuitive software, ensuring everyone can confidently use the system to enhance treatment precision and patient safety. Discover the difference SDX® can make in your clinic and your patients’ care.

Round purple icon with double white quotation marks in the center.
“SDX® is known as one of the best motion management systems for breath-hold during radiotherapy. After evaluating other commercial breath-hold systems, SDX® was chosen as one of the key motion management systems for proton therapy.”
Dr. Haibo Lin, Medical Physicist, New York Proton Center
“Given how seamless and easy the training is, and how friendly the interface is, patients have absolutely no issue learning how to use this technology. They are very comfortable throughout their entire therapy course.”
Dr. Arpit Chhabra, Radiation Oncologist, New York Proton Center

Discover The SDX® System

SDX® Respiratory Gating system provides consistency and accuracy to ensure reproducible target positioning during imaging and treatment and maximize quality clinical outcomes for your patients.