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How did you feel when you were told about spirometry-monitored deep inspiration breath-hold (DIBH) radiotherapy?

“It all got described very positively and it was nice to have some control helping myself through the radiotherapy. By holding my breath the heart would drop out of the way and I could minimize disruption and potential damage to my heart.” – Claire White

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Accurate Radiation Therapy

Maximize the Quality of Your Patient’s Care

SDX® Respiratory Gating system is designed for patient relaxation and engagement, facilitating real-time breathing control during imaging and radiation therapy for any tumor subject to respiratory motion. You and your patients will feel confident they are receiving safe, precise, and high-quality treatment with SDX.

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The SDX® System

Beneath The Surface, Motion Matters

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Why Choose SDX®

Instantly improve the accuracy, safety, and quality of imaging and radiation treatment for tumors affected by respiratory motion.

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How SDX® Works

Uses spirometric breathing measurement and control to ensure reproducible target positioning during imaging and radiation treatment.

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SDX® Equipment

Ergonomically designed with intuitive controls and patient-friendly visual feedback, the SDX® Respiratory Gating system is easy to implement in any clinic.

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SDX® Interfacing Solutions

The SDX® system can be used in either manual or synchronized mode with the use of optional Gating Modules for proton and linear accelerators.

SDX® Benefits

For Patients, PHYSICIANS, Hospitals & Cancer treatment Centers

SDX® is the leading spirometric breathing control radiation therapy technology for centers worldwide. SDX Systems prioritize patient comfort, targeting accuracy, and ease-of-use, allowing for safer, quality treatment.

Accurately targeting mobile tumors during radiation therapy is critical for achieving dose objectives and preserving healthy tissue. SDX® enables safe and precise treatment of tumors subject to respiratory motion, sparing healthy tissue and vital organs at risk.

Precisely identifying, imaging, and treating tumors whose position is influenced by respiratory motion ensures nearby organs and healthy tissue are spared from potentially toxic dosages. SDX® is FDA-cleared and trusted by over 200 centers in 16 countries.

SDX’s® visual guidance technology is staff- and patient-friendly and increases patient confidence and DIBH technique mastery. This facilitates reproducible positioning of tumors during both imaging and subsequent treatment sessions.

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“SDX® is known as one of the best motion management systems for breath-hold during radiotherapy. After evaluating other commercial breath-hold systems, SDX® was chosen as one of the key motion management systems for proton therapy.”
Dr. Haibo Lin, Medical Physicist, New York Proton Center
“Given how seamless and easy the training is, and how friendly the interface is, patients have absolutely no issue learning how to use this technology. They are very comfortable throughout their entire therapy course.”
Dr. Arpit Chhabra, Radiation Oncologist, New York Proton Center

“The SDX® breath hold technology enhances our clinical operations by supporting treatment of a wide range of tumor types with great accuracy and efficiency.”

Jonathan Weinbach, CEO, New York Proton Center

“SDX is instrumental for treating our patients with moving targets. It enables physicians to confidently prescribe higher dose while simultaneously reducing dose to organs at risk, improving both efficacy and reducing toxicity, and thus substantially enhancing the therapeutic ratio.”

Michael D. Chuong, MD, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute

“At Miami Cancer Institute, we have been using the SDX system since our inception for both complicated photon and proton treatments. The simplicity of the system for patients coupled with the user friendly interface for staff allows us to safely deliver high quality breath hold treatments consistently.”

Alonso Gutierrez, Chief of Medical Physics, Miami Cancer Institute


About Respiratory Motion Management

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Discover The SDX® System

SDX® Respiratory Gating system provides consistency and accuracy to ensure reproducible target positioning during imaging and treatment and maximize quality clinical outcomes for your patients.